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Langrisser I & II (Nintendo Switch)


Langrisser I & II (Playstation 4)


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Screenshot "Langrisser I & II" Screenshot "Langrisser I & II"
Screenshot "Langrisser I & II" Screenshot "Langrisser I & II"
Screenshot "Langrisser I & II" Screenshot "Langrisser I & II"

Langrisser I & II

Langrisser I

A long time ago, Langrisser the mythical sword believed to grant limitless power to those who possess it. Many have tried to steal and protect the sword but end up to many bloody sacrifices. After all the destruction, it remained in the protection of the Baldea, the royal family. The family of the ancient hero.

Unfortunately, the stronghold of the royal family on the sword was eventually broken.

The Dalsis Empire Emperor Digos dominated by the desire to rule the world with the power of Langrisser, followed by a large army, they launched an attack to the Baldea Kingdom. Hence starts the long journey of Baldea Kingdom Prince Ledin, who have escaped from the Kingdom while the attack, to recover Langrisser and defeat Emperor Digos, the rival of his late father.

Langrisser II

Hundred years have passed from the story of Langrisser I, short wars burst out all over the continent, then died out, then broke out again in a period of constant struggle. The Baldea Kingdom had fallen and Langrisser becomes a sword of legend.

A young traveler named Erwin met along his journey the magician's apprentice named Hein. They continued their carefree travels. One day, the travelers stayed in a small village in the Salrath territory, where Hein was born. During their stay, a frightened Hein runs into Erwin's room. Hein tells Erwin that Rayguard Empire soldiers had invaded the outskirts of the village. The Imperial Knights' sights seemed to be set on a girl named Liana living in the village.

Why would the Imperial knights attack such a peaceful village ...? While having doubts, Erwin leaves the inn to go save Liana.

Facts & Features:

  • A remake collection of strategy RPGs Langrisser and Langrisser II which were originally released for Mega Drive in 1991 and 1994
  • The remake added new visuals and user interface, voice acting, new scenarios, and a new heroine
  • In Langrisser I, multiple endings via branching story are added as well which was introduced first to the series in Langrisser II
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