Memoir '44 Expansion Pack: Terrain Pack -E-

Strategiespiele Memoir '44 Expansion Pack: Terrain Pack -E-


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Richard Borg

Days of Wonder


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8. Dez 2005

Spieleranzahl: 2 oder Teams
Spieldauer: 30 bis 60 min.
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Auch hier wieder eine ganze Box voll schönes Material, mit dem sich x eigene Szenarien erstellen lassen, bzw. bestehende, offizielle, verschönern oder...

Franco Z. 19.12.2014

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Patrick G. 18.07.2008 0% hilfreich

Memoir '44 Expansion Pack: Terrain Pack -englisch-

From the sand dunes of North Africa to the mountain passes of Northern Italy; from the Pripet Marshes of Southern Belarus to the high ground surrounding Operation Market Garden... Prior to WWII, never before in history had a conflict been fought by so many men over such vast expanses of land and so many different terrain types.

As many of you have discovered, Memoir'44 is more than just a game, it is also a complete and expandable game system in its own right.
With this in mind, we are pleased to bring you the Memoir'44 Terrain Pack Expansion. Filled to the brim with new terrain pieces, new elite unit badges, and additional victory medals, this expansion also includes dozens of new game elements, including rules for North African warfare, minefields, big gun markers, radar stations, supply depots, airfields and more.

- 66 terrain tiles,including roads, railways, marshes, waterways, mountains, palm forests, wadis, high-ground...
- 22 landmark tiles, including supply depot, power plant, prisoner camp, radar station, lighthouse, airfield, barracks, cemetery, factory complex, fortress, North-African villages...
- 20 round markers, including 10 minefields and decoys, 5 Italian and British medals, 6 cross-hairs...
- 16 obstacles, including pontoons, rail and road bridges, field bunkers.
- 28 Special Unit badges, including engineers, partisans, North-African and Commonwealth troops, elite US, German,Italian and British units.
- 4 Historical scenarios showing the main new features.
- Rules describing these new terrain and game elements.

Special Note:
- Expansion Pack (requires the basic set "Memoir 44")