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27. Aug 2019
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Screenshot "Crystar" Screenshot "Crystar"
Screenshot "Crystar" Screenshot "Crystar"
Screenshot "Crystar" Screenshot "Crystar"
Screenshot "Crystar" Screenshot "Crystar"


For when I weep, then I am strong. Battle through Purgatory as Rei to help save her sister in this Action RPG. Switch freely between four playable characters, and uncover each one of their pasts to see the sorrows they have endured. Power up your attacks and armor by shedding tears. Confront the Torments before they overwhelm you by spending time in your room reading a book and petting your dog. Whatever you do, don't dry your eyes. You'll need your tears to summon your Guardian and overcome the true villians of Purgatory!

Facts & Features:

  • Fight through your tears in this Action RPG - Combat the Souls of the dead as you explore the afterworld of Purgatory. Play as four different characters and unlock their memories to learn the truth behind their stories and secrets. 
  • Power Through Grief - The battle system includes an otherworldly being who fights alongside you. Gather your grief and endure Torments to summon your Guardian!
  • Tears Give You Strength - Crying will help you take down monsters and empower your equipment. In Crystar, tears aren't a sign of weakness, but of strength.
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