Playstation 4 World End Syndrome - Day 1 Edition

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World End Syndrome - Day 1 Edition (Playstation 4)


World End Syndrome - Day 1 Edition (Nintendo Switch)


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World End Syndrome - Day 1 Edition

After a certain incident, the protagonist-a boy who conceals a small darkness within him while living out his boring everyday life-ends up leaving the city and relying on an uncle he has never known, moving to the seaside town "Mihate-chou," which is situated in a cove.

He spends his days with his new friends at "Mihate High School" and has an "unforgettable summer experience," but what "incident" will occur in this tranquil seaside town? Depending on how you spend your days with the girls, the boy's "world" will drastically change ...

Facts & Features:

  • After you clear the introduction, you can freely "explore" various spots in Mihate-chou. Choose spots to visit during the morning, afternoon, and evening, interact with the people that visit, and try to get clarification on the mysterious incidents occurring in Mihate-chou. By resolving these mysterious incidents, you will approach the truth of the seemingly plausible "legend."
  • Enjoy the summer romance with charming characters drawn full of personality. Paid attention to the love pattern created by "Yuki Kato"
  • Multiple endings are prepared for each heroine! By clearing various endings one by one, the route is gradually revealed. The sweet love relation with the heroines and the mystery element are unraveled as the route progresses
  • Let 's experience the sweetest summer love with a glamorous Yukata at the summer festival and dazzling swimsuit with the heroines!
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