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Fate/Extella Link (Playstation 4)


Fate/Extella Link (Nintendo Switch)


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Screenshot "Fate/Extella Link" Screenshot "Fate/Extella Link"
Screenshot "Fate/Extella Link" Screenshot "Fate/Extella Link"
Screenshot "Fate/Extella Link" Screenshot "Fate/Extella Link"
Screenshot "Fate/Extella Link" Screenshot "Fate/Extella Link"

Fate/Extella Link

The Master and Nero, who won the Holy Grail War and were awarded the "Regalia," a ring that proves their kingship, rule over the Servants they once fought against and start a new beginning on the moon’s new world.

However, the team led by Tamamo, who held “another Regalia” with “another Master,” and the team led by Altera, “destroyer of civilization,” stood before them.

The battle over the fate of the moon’s world that unfolded as anticipated settled, and peace should have come to the world, but…

Set in the world of Extella, the story of a new Servant named Charlemagne will unfold.

Facts & Features:

  • A New Story Centered on New Servant Charlemagne - A carefree young man who rather bluntly says he is not very well suited to be king. He decides his actions and aesthetic based on “whether it’s cool” or “whether it’s tacky.” Even if it’s bad for himself, or bad for his Master…
  • Reborn Action and Graphics: High-Speed Servant Action - A further enhanced system with evolved graphics and controls centered on Servant-based action. A new battle of Servants will unfold in the the next version of the moon world
  • All 16 Servants from Fate/Extella are Playable - In addition to all 16 playable Servants from Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star, new Servants will also be playable. Defeat thousands of enemies with overwhelming power beyond human understanding
  • New Outfits for the "Master," the Player Avatar - The “Master” is the protagonist and player character, and together with their Servant will spin a new tale. Not only can you choose from a male or female Master, since you can also freely change their name, an offshoot of the player themself will appear in the game
  • The Moon’s World - The territory ruled over by Nero and Tamamo is even more wonderful and gorgeous. And newer than that, buildings reminiscent of churches seem to be appearing. A new area will also appear. It appears to float in midair, and seems to be able to freely move around.
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