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23. Mrz 2018
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Screenshot "Time Carnage VR" Screenshot "Time Carnage VR"
Screenshot "Time Carnage VR" Screenshot "Time Carnage VR"
Screenshot "Time Carnage VR" Screenshot "Time Carnage VR"
Screenshot "Time Carnage VR" Screenshot "Time Carnage VR"

Time Carnage VR

Play as a trophy hunter as you travel through time and wreak havoc through worlds swarming with zombies, monsters, robots and dinosaurs. Armed with an arsenal of guns, flamethrowers and time-stopping detonators, it’s time for the carnage to begin.

Unlock and collect an armoury of over 25 spine-shattering weapons including the AM Rifle, the double barrel Thump-Gun and the SOTA precision laser bow. Play the tiered Campaign Mode or Custom Arcade Mode to expand and upgrade your arsenal and immerse yourself in post-apocalyptic worlds, prehistoric jungles and medieval ice lands.

Your rampage through time continues with the ludicrously fun challenge modes including Double Up Zombie, Russian Dolls, Pieminister and Mail Escort. Attempt over 20 unique challenges to unlock the weird, the wonderful and the downright bizarre cheats for your VR shooter entertainment.

Facts & Features:

  • Time Travel: Travel through time to hunt in 5 different time periods
  • Wreak Havoc: Wreak Havoc through worlds swarming with zombies, robots, monsters and prehistoric beasts
  • Weapons: Vast Arsenal of weapons including Baseball Bat, Pulser Laser Pistol, 5” Revolver, M4 Carbine, Kalashnikov Rifle, Auto Bullpup Rifle, Double Barrel Thump-Gun, Pump Action Shotgun, Anti-Material Rifle, Six-Barrel Minigun, Flamethrower & Time Grenade.
  • Sound: Atmospheric and high-quality 3D sound for an immersive experience.
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