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Adventure & RPG


Aksys Games

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30. Jun 2017

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Screenshot "Tokyo Xanadu -US-" Screenshot "Tokyo Xanadu -US-"
Screenshot "Tokyo Xanadu -US-" Screenshot "Tokyo Xanadu -US-"
Screenshot "Tokyo Xanadu -US-" Screenshot "Tokyo Xanadu -US-"
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Tokyo Xanadu -US-

Aksys Games and Falcom are proud to present Tokyo Xanadu; a massive action RPG! 10 years ago, a colossal earthquake devastated Tokyo and changed the lives of its inhabitants forever. The city has since been rebuilt and life has slowly returned to a semblance of normalcy. However, behind the veil of this newly rebuilt metropolis lies another world, one with a sinister secret. The earthquake that originally destroyed Tokyo was actually caused by the emergence of a mysterious and lethal shadow world known as Xanadu. Now, action must be taken to thwart the legions of Xanadu and ensure the protection of Tokyo!

Facts & Features:

  • PS-Vita Memory card is required (sold separately).
  • Each character possesses unique weapons and skills to battle the monstrosities within this strange realm.
  • Unravel the secrets of Eclipse and vanquish evil from Morimiya.
  • Talk to characters, build relationships and forge alliances. Navigate the expansive cityscape of Morimiya City. Upgrade your equipment, play mini games and train in dungeons.
  • Enjoy additional tales of the Wielders that weren't depicted in the main story. Once you've completed the game, get access to an all new quest and carry on the adventure.
  • Play as the mysterious knight, White Shroud. Brandish unrivaled strength and the powers of light to take down vile monsters and vicious bosses.


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