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Anima: Gate of Memories -E- (Playstation 4)


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Anima: Gate of Memories -E-

Anima: Gate of Memories is a third person action RPG in which the player must explore a vast world filled with both dangers and wonders. The game is being developed by the same people that wrote the Anima: Beyond Fantasy, role-playing game books, and the Anima: Tactics, miniatures game, who are now working with an experienced team of video game developers. The game is mostly focused on action, but as any good RPG, it will also have infiltration and puzzle content. In addition, while Gate of Memories is story driven, it doesnt force you to ride along rails from place to place. The idea is to give players freedom to explore a rich world and tackle obstacles in the order they want. These choices, even if you make wrong decisions or leave behind story points, will have a big impact on the progression of the game. This way, players can visit many different places and reach very different conclusions at the end depending on their choices.

Bonus Content:

  • Extended Manual
  • Original Sountrack CD

Facts & Features:

  • A deep and multifaceted story. The player’s choices and actions will influence the journey and decide the destiny of the characters.
  • Epic battles with formidable opponents. Challenge many legendary entities, each with their own special features and game play.
  • A deep combat system. A combat system which combines RPG elements with fast paced action and spectacular attacks and spells.
  • Unique locations. Travel through the tower of Arcane and the world of Gaia across stunning backgrounds and places.
  • A huge world. You can move with great freedom, visiting different locations and giving you the option to always retrace your steps to revisit areas, discover new secrets and unlock access to previously inaccessible places.


720p / 1080i / 1080p
4900 MB minimum
In-Game Dolby Digital Sound:
Blu-ray Disc
PS Vita Remote Play:
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8. Okt 2016
Anima Project
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