Playstation 4 Zubehör Tactical Assault Commander GRIP (Hori)

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Dezember 2016

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Tactical Assault Commander GRIP (Hori)

Leave no man behind. The TAC_Revolution runs red with the blood of your enemies. Hori brings the precision and high speed reactions rates of PC-style targeting to the PS4 but keeps the movement gamepad / Old-School. It's the best of both worlds; extra buttons on the HORI half-pad provide customization and functionality beyond that of the average controller whilst the natural advantages of PC-aiming give users that HORI edge every time.

Facts & Features:

  • PC-style mouse and Gamepad Control.
  • Optimized for FPS games.
  • Fully Programmable with adjustable settings and profiles.
  • Gives users the best of both worlds.
  • Touch Pad included.
  • Fully compatible with PS3 / PS4 / PC.
  • Officially Licensed by SIEE.