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Touhou Genso Wanderer (Playstation 4) Touhou Genso Wanderer (PS Vita)

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Adventure & RPG

Aqua Style

NIS America


März 2017

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Screenshot "Touhou Genso Wanderer" Screenshot "Touhou Genso Wanderer"
Screenshot "Touhou Genso Wanderer"
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Touhou Genso Wanderer

In this roguelike RPG, you will take control of Reimu, the Hakurei Shrine Maiden, to investigate the latest incident to take place in the world of Gensokyo. Along the way, you’ll encounter a variety of characters from the Touhou Project universe, discover mountains of loot-each piece of which is valuable thanks to the game’s item fusion system-and test your mettle with your favorite Touhou girl in tow as your adventuring partner in this approachable take on the roguelike genre.

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