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24. Mrz 2016

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Screenshot "Alekhine's Gun -E-" Screenshot "Alekhine's Gun -E-"
Screenshot "Alekhine's Gun -E-" Screenshot "Alekhine's Gun -E-"
Screenshot "Alekhine's Gun -E-" Screenshot "Alekhine's Gun -E-"
Screenshot "Alekhine's Gun -E-" Screenshot "Alekhine's Gun -E-"
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Hitman abklatsch. Hat aber Trotzdem spass gemacht,

Patrick B. 08.05.2016

Alekhine's Gun -E-

Featuring high-stakes and choice-based stealth gameplay, Alekhine’s Gun puts players in the shoes of KGB colonel turned CIA spy, Agent Alekhine as he finds himself tangled in a conspiracy that could have global consequences.

Alekhine’s Gun takes you deep into the tense, complex heart of the mid-20th century Eastern Bloc conflict, where you’ll encounter double-crossing, treachery, and looming nuclear threats. Unravel the conspiracy. Uncover the truth. Save the world.

Facts & Features:

  • Through 11 levels set in both military and civilian locations, Alekhine will have to fight and sneak his way through highly protected zones to complete objectives.
  • Enjoy the lush realism of the historical setting in levels set in Europe, America, and Cuba.
  • Each immersive, non-linear level will contain multiple routes to success, rewarding players who take the time to explore and optimize their strategy.
  • Hidden rooms and paths will help the sharp-eyed player, increasing stealth rankings, unlocking more weapons, and providing more stealthy approaches to each mission.
  • With a narrative that spans the late days of World War II to beyond the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Alekhine’s Gun puts you in the middle of a world on the brink of war.
  • Uncover the bizarre truth behind the anti-government conspiracy threatening the fragile peace between Soviet Russia and the United States through total immersion in the historical conflict.
  • With film noir-inspired cutscenes, Alekhine’s Gun will provide additional insight into the historical Cold War context.
  • Through detailed flashbacks, you’ll learn game-changing character secrets and real history to help Agent Alekhine succeed in this covert operation before the nuclear standoff becomes nuclear war.

Xbox One:

6 GB minimum