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Human Element

35 years after a zombie apocalypse...

The remaining human population has created small faction aligned safe havens across the landscape. These outposts act as central hubs for the last remaining resources.

Define Yourself, Define Survival

Choose a hero unique to your playstyle and compete with teams of survivors to scavenge and escape with vital cache of resources while also using resources you've gathered to build fortifications and game-changing defenses.

Facts & Features:

  • You drive, I'll Shoot! Team up with a fellow survivor and assault an enemy outpost together. One drives while the other shoots or transports supplies back to your base.
  • Explosive surprise: Arm it with a sticky bomb and send it flying into an enemy outpost, or leave it armed as a decoy and wait for the next rider to get a big surprise.
  • Deal with the Human Element:
    • Devise strategies to take outposts by using the Human Element against itself.
    • Turn guards into fast zombies to cause chaos before your attack.
    • Fortify your base with defenses and AI guards and snipers to create choke points for attacking survivors.
    • Lure in a horde of slow zombies to keep guards busy while you flank.
  • Team Deathmatch meets CTF meets Domination 5v5:
    • Two teams of five (5), each with their own outposts, must explore the open world and discover five (5) resource cache.
    • Capture a resource to get a unique team buff while its in your possession, capture all five (5) resources to win.
    • Food - Gives all survivors on your team additional health.
    • Guns - Gives your AI guards higher damage weapons.
    • Generator - Powers your defenses.
    • Reinforcement Radio x2 - Allows your survivors to respawn.
  • Your Survivor, your Playstyle: Each hero represents a specific survivor faction, each with a unique playstyle, ability, and weapon.
    • Build a roster of survivors for a variety of gameplay or team up with 4 friends to form a unique strategy to take on rival groups.
    • Every successful supply run adds to your experience, allowing you to upgrade your survivor with each rank; unlock new abilities and weapons as you progress.