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English Français


Kojima Productions


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3. Nov 2012

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A Hideo Kojima Game .....

David B. 08.08.2017

das Spiel hat sich erstaunlich gut gehalten. grafisch immer noch ansehlich.

Niko R. 13.12.2012

noch kein Kommentar vorhanden...

Sandro B. 02.12.2012

noch kein Kommentar vorhanden...

Daniele S. 09.11.2012

Zone of the Enders HD Collection -US-

Zone of the Enders

The population has exploded, pollution has grown steadily worse, and natural resources are drying up. Unable to continue life on such a small planet as Earth, mankind pushes out into space. The Moon and Mars are incapable of supporting the entire population, so man eventually extends its reach to Jupiter. A torus space colony called Antilia is built at the L5 Lagrangian point of Jupiter and Europa to support mining operations. Man's farthest outpost in its sphere of existence, Antilia houses approximately 100,000 residents involved in mining and transport. It also serves as a development outpost for BAHRAM, the military organization of the Martian anti-Earth state, Vascilia County.

Antilia is mankind's farthest outpost, and allies itself neither with nor against Earth. Since Nereidum Universal Technology (NUT) and BAHRAM lost their development outpost during the Deimos Incident, they see Antilia as a perfect opportunity to establish an R&D facility for Orbital Frames, humanoid weapons surpassing LEV mecha. Their two most advanced Orbital Frames, Jehuty and Anubis, conceal incredible offensive capabilities plus a certain something of even greater importance.

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner

Mankind expands into the depths of space in a search for new land. The terraformed Mars is home to colonies from various Earth countries, and mankind's push continues on to Jupiter. However, with new resources and new territory come new problems. Mars consists of 16 counties, which are equivalent to the "states" comprising many Earth nations. Martians and the colonists of the Jovian system are ruled by Earth with an iron fist. Such people living on the frontier of civilization are called "Enders". An irreparable rift forms between those bound by the chains of Earth's gravity and those floating free in space, and over time the hostility between the governors and the governed grows.

In the course of exploring space, man discovers a new ore called Metatron. It gains attention not only for its use as an energy source but also for a multitude of other purposes. However, the incredible energy it provides also comes to be used for military designs, as anti-Earth forces on Mars employ it to secretly develop the giant humanoid weapons known as Orbital Frames. The Orbital Frames possess overwhelming mobility compared to Earth's LEVs, similar humanoid weapons. Once unable to compete against Earth's sheer numbers, Martian anti-Earth forces finally have a weapon with which they can fight back.

Enthält eine Demo für Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Facts & Features:

  • Code Free-Version - lauffähig auf europäischen Konsolen!
  • Online Spiel lediglich mit US-PSN-Account möglich!
  • Two Classic Games In One Release - The two classic PS2 games Zone of the Enders, and its sequel Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner are included
  • Dramatic Japanese Mecha Action and Storytelling - Lose yourself in dramatic Japanese mecha robot action combat, set against an enthralling sci-fi off-world storyline
  • Diverse Weapons - In addition to mecha units' hand-to-hand abilities, players will utilize both swords and projectile weapons during combat
  • New Game Opening Animations - In addition to the animations found within the original games, The Zone of the Enders HD Collection includes new opening animations for both games
  • An Advanced Look at Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Players enjoy an advanced look at Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance through the demo included


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