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Atlus Co.

Atlus Co.

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20. Nov 2012

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Screenshot "Persona 4: Golden -US-" Screenshot "Persona 4: Golden -US-"
Screenshot "Persona 4: Golden -US-" Screenshot "Persona 4: Golden -US-"
Screenshot "Persona 4: Golden -US-" Screenshot "Persona 4: Golden -US-"
Screenshot "Persona 4: Golden -US-" Screenshot "Persona 4: Golden -US-"
Screenshot "Persona 4: Golden -US-"

Persona 4: Golden -US-

Following in the footsteps of Persona 3 Portable, the second highest rated PSP game of all time, and based on Persona 4, one of the most beloved ATLUS titles ever, P4G delivers an enhanced and expanded portable roleplaying experience. Visuals have been beautifully remastered to take advantage of the vibrant 5” OLED display. The game’s aural presentation is better than ever, with 1.5 times the voiced dialogue of the original release. A new online dungeon rescue feature allows users to call on other players for assistance when they are about to die in the TV world. P4G is also overflowing with new content: new Personas to collect; new story events along with an all-new character; stunning new anime cutscenes, which include a new opening animation with a new song from master composer Shoji Meguro; a host of fan suggested tweaks and changes, and much, much more! Persona 4 Golden is far more than just a handheld version of an all?time classic: it’s the best way to experience it yet!

Facts & Features:

  • Code Free-Version - runnable on european consoles
  • A Bigger, better Version of one of the best RPG's ever - Improved visuals, new anime cutscenes, tons of new story and voiced dialogue, and much more combine with deep turn?based combat, addicting character and Persona management, and a memorable cast of personalities.
  • Make meaningful bonds with characters via social links - In between its exploration, battles, and Persona management, P4G lets players choose how they wish to spend their time each day in a variety of different activities. What they opt to do and who they choose to spend time with can have a significant impact on their experience.
  • Will you uncover the true ending to the story? - Nearly 100 hours of gameplay thrusts you into a deep mystery where midnight television leads to serial killings. You must investigate murders, rescue those who can be rescued, and unmask the culprit behind it all… Or risk being forever shrouded in the fog of doubt.


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