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Nintendo Switch Seven Pirates H - Limited Edition

Nintendo Switch | von Compile Heart, Idea Factory


Seven Pirates H - Limited Edition (Nintendo Switch)


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31. Mai 2022
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Screenshot "Seven Pirates H - Limited Edition" Screenshot "Seven Pirates H - Limited Edition"
Screenshot "Seven Pirates H - Limited Edition" Screenshot "Seven Pirates H - Limited Edition"
Screenshot "Seven Pirates H - Limited Edition" Screenshot "Seven Pirates H - Limited Edition"
Screenshot "Seven Pirates H - Limited Edition" Screenshot "Seven Pirates H - Limited Edition"

Seven Pirates H - Limited Edition -Asia-

Join young pirate Parute Kairi and pervy boy monster Otton in an adventure to locate the lost treasures of the Monsupi Sea! Determined to make a legendary name for herself, Parute sets sail with a magic compass and the aid of newfound monster girl companions, but what starts as a raucous romp across uncharted islands gradually reveals something more sinister.

Through their colorful encounters with rival pirates and locals in need, Parute and company learn some unsettling truths about the king who governs these waters, all leading to a confrontation that could tear their adorable crew apart!

Seven Pirates H is a traditional RPG focused on exploration and discovery with a gigantic dose of fanservice thrown in! As Parute, you'll command your party of monster girls in combat against naughty enemies, exploiting weaknesses to gain the upper hand in turn-based combat.

Adventure across islands and ride Otton to reach secret areas, gather items and enhance your abilities as you level up! With the special "Booby Training" system, you can control the bust size of the all-female crew for stat boosts, bigger for increased power and defense or smaller for improved speed and agility!


  • Seven Pirates H Collector's Box
  • Seven Pirates H Game (region free)
  • Seven Pirates H Original Soundtrack
  • Seven Pirates H Artbook
  • Seven Pirates H Sticker set
  • Seven Pirates H Numbered Certificate

Facts & Features:

  • Code Free-Version - runnable on european consoles
  • Discover a new stand-alone chapter in the Genkai Tokki series!
  • Explore islands and their surrounding waters in search of legendary treasure.
  • Take on naughty enemies in turn-based combat enhanced with Auto mode and other quality-of-life features.
  • Play bust-enhancing mini-games to control the attributes of your all-female crew!
  • Upgrade stats and skills, accept side quests and more as you brave treacherous dungeons.
  • Enjoy colorful high-definition 3D presentation, fully voiced characters and loads of fanservice!


TV mode:
1 Player
Tabletop mode:
1 Player
Handheld mode:
1 Player

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