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Adap Table Top -Standard Edition-

Like you, who are reading these lines, we too are fanatics of board games and role-playing games, and we know how difficult it is, sometimes, adapting the space available and play comfortably. We did some searches, and we found an article on a website that suggested some solutions to improve the gaming experience with professional tables. In this way, we came across an amateur project that inspired us to develop AdapTableTop: we intended to make a device that had the same concept but could be more versatile.

We faced many problems during the development of the project but we managed to fix them and we are happy to have inserted all the features that we consider important and unique, to ensure everyone can enjoy their boardgames and RPGs in the best possible way and, above all, in any circumstance.

Att_Open_Source System
The honeycomb under the "ATT" modules allows the legs and stabilizers to interlock in any position. So we asked ourselves: why not make the technical data of the joints "open source" so that anyone can personalize his AdapTableTop with any 3D printer? And so we did! Together with any bundle, we will send to you as a Kickstarter exclusive, a file with the technical data of the honeycomb system. Gamestart will also unlock during the campaign a series of "ready to print" accessories. The ".stl" file (compatible with any 3D printer software) will be downloadable during the post-campaign phase, so you can prepare whatever you need before AdapTableTop arrives at your home.

Easy to mount and no screws
The first feature we focused on is the ease of assembling and disassembling ATT, without using metal parts or screws to ensure the safety of younger children and giving the product the best flexibility of use without having to spend too much time in the setup.

Customizable and Modular
You no longer have to adapt to the space available to play. Now you can create an additional surface and choose to mount each leg and each AdapTableTop module wherever you prefer, according to your needs. You can also decide to divide it into 2 or to use only one of the 6 available modules to make it suitable for even the smallest tables.

Modular legs
It has the possibility to adjust the height of the legs during the assembly phase: you can choose between 8 and 12 cm (3,1 and 4,7 inch). This is essential to allow even the less tall people to have a perfect view of the game board. If we had not entered this feature, 40% of tabletop boardgames players would have had visual problems and then be forced to get up often to understand what to do during the game session. We don't want your favorite game to be stressful too!

Solid and stable
Solid, stable and monolithic: 3 important features to prevent the gaming experience from being ruined by an accidental gesture. The interlocking method consists in legs equipped with 4 pins each; they block the planks and ensure the stability of the structure. The legs can be inserted anywhere thanks to the lower part of the table made up of a continuous beehive grid. The choice of hollow hexagons for the joint is one of the most important points of the project: this difference in the shapes between the hexagonal hollow area of the table and the 4 round pins of each leg, allows maximum stability and rapidity in assembly. It is certainly better to invest more time in playing than to waste time assembling a device, risking to make this phase boring.

The thickness of the top plastic maintains up to 6kg of material on it. You can play any game or wargame with metal scenery (but we do not recommend playing Twister!)

It will be available with a rigid and compact case to facilitate its transport when you go to use it outside your home.

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