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Ninja Legends VR

Experience blood pumping action in immersive and beautiful VR environments. Hone your abilities with unique ninja weapons like katanas, claws and the staff and pair them with special abilities including a chain dart, shadow step and the bow. Enemy ninjas will utilize cooperative group attacks to swarm and surround you. You'll need to attack and block 360 degrees of action to survive.

Ninja Legends was crafted for VR from the ground up and offers a uniquely fast-paced melee combat experience only possible with vr. The gameplay rewards skillful blocking and parrying to fend off increasingly difficult swarms of enemy ninjas. Slashes with great pace and accuracy are rewarded with more damage and satisfying slicing of enemies. To advance through all the levels you must learn the proper rhythm and timing in which to execute blocks, parries, melee attacks and ranged attacks. In other words, you must become a Ninja Legend!

A Playstation VR is required!

Facts & Features:

  • 18 Levels
  • 4 Difficulty Modes
  • 6 Ninja Weapons
    • Swords | Claws | Staff
    • Gauntlets | Odachi & Wakizashi | Naginata
  • 4 Shadow Skill Abilities
    • Bow & Arrow
    • Shadow Step
    • Energy Blast
    • Chain Dart
  • Boss Battles
  • Daily Challenges
  • Unlockable Secret Modes
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